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Hi, Nikhil Here Again

Welcome to SociEmpire! 

Hey it’s Nikhil here, congratulations on joining SociEmpire, you’ve made a great decision!


Before you go to your members area and start building your empire I want to make you a very special one-time offer, only available to our newest members here at SociEmpire.


On this page here, I want to share how you can turn each one of those $100 or $200 clients into $1,000, $2,000 or $5,000 clients – using the power of ‘upsells’.

We’ll basically be using the McDonald’s chain multi-billion dollar strategy on your funnel, where you can ask your cheeseburger clients if they’d like french fries and a coke with that.

We’ll set you up with everything you need to automatically upsell your client’s with additional services they need, adding extra value for them and more revenue for you

Increase Your Profits Exponentially 
As Your Able To Turn Each $100-$500 Client Into $5,000+!

Your ready-to-go SociEmpire agency website is ready to start landing you clients willing to you to build landing page funnels. 


NOW you can upsell them to related services, using the tools we provide so each one of your customers can be worth SO much more!

Introducing SociEmpire Advanced

POWERFUL & Ready-to-Sell “Upsell Services” 

You Can Offer For An Extra $2,000-$5,000 Per Client!

Provide 10 NEW Services Social Influences Want & Need 

You Can Be The One To Help Them! (And Profit In The Process!)

Each additional income stream is broken down into bite-sized training showing you how to use the additional done-for-you resources (templates/software etc) 


Automatic Upsell #1: Simple Graphic Design Services

Using our done-for-you collection of resources and easy to use editing tools you’ll be able to create professional looking banners, social media creatives and more. 

This is so easy you will be able to have professional looking results even if you’ve got no idea what you’re doing!

Automatic Upsell #2: Video Ad Services

Video marketing is a huge industry and social media influencers more than any other niche need videos – and lots of them. 


We’ll give you the tools and resources to create great videos in any niche in a snap, so you can deliver them and have them begging for even more! 

Automatic Upsell #3: Social Snippet Services

We’ll show you how to break down their regular content and turn it into high engagement, bitesized mini-social sharing vids

You’ll be able to do everything from picking out the snippets easily,  adding their logo, hashtag or watermark for your influencer

Automatic Upsell #4: CRM Setup Services

Your customers need to have their own autoresponder or CRM service set up, so we’ll help you find the best solution for them.  Sometimes this is an overwhelming step for a social media influencer… so we can show you how to make it a total breeze for them.   We’ll show you free options you can use to set up or them to begin with.  Set up and integration to their funnel takes moments, but you can charge a bunch! 

Automatic Upsell #5: CRM Management Services

You could charge a monthly fee to manage their emails, simply by writing a weekly wrap up of their social media highlights and sending it to your client’s audience. 


OR … you could use the inbuilt FunnelMates system to automatically promote affiliate offers on their behalf (with their affiliate links). Funnelmates can write the emails for you (just activate for free in their account)

Automatic Upsell #6: Logo Branding/Creation Services

We’ll show you how to make a great looking logo using a collection of templates you can use for any niche, so that it’s as simple as selecting the template, clicking the words, changing colours if you want and exporting. 


If you’re not comfortable with that, we’ll show you a second strategy that lets deliver logos without any editing at all too 🙂 

Automatic Upsell #7: Facebook/Google/Ad Tracking Services

The DFY lead magnets already include the ability to add scripts really easily, so we’ll show you where to add any tracking codes they’d like to use to further increase their targeting and profits. 


You’ll be able to add all kinds of scripts for tracking, as well as use this little hack to even add messenger bots. 

Automatic Upsell #8: Video Sales Letter Creation Services

You’ll receive our template and step by step training to create high converting video sales letters (VSL’s)


It’s as simple as filling in the blanks and recording with the software we share – you don’t need to pay anything extra to be a high paid VSL creator 

Automatic Upsell #9: Monthly Traffic Subscription Services

You’ll be able to provide a service where you can share their funnel to grow their email/subscriber list. 


 You can provide tracking screenshots from the Tracking & Statistics button on your customer’s Funnels page – and since traffic services vary, you can negotiable depending on the service you decide to use. 

Automatic Upsell #10: Webinar Funnel Creation Services

If your client has a high ticket offer, you could offer a lead funnel to get people into those webinars.  We’ll give you a BONUS webinar lead funnel that you can customise to meet your client’s needs.


The FunnelMates webinar funnel we’ll give you also connects with popular webinar platforms, so you can offer integration too, we’ll show you how!

PLUS We’ll Reveal Our Incredibly Powerful
“Build It & They Will Come” Strategy In A Bonus Video!


Bonus #1: Advanced Training Checklist

Not included if you want the special discounted price. 

Bonus #2: 30 Day Fast Start Planner

Access this your one month calendar with 5-10 minute tasks you can complete and build measurable results you can see!

You Can Try It Out
Completely Risk Free!

I don’t want your money unless you are completely blown away.

So… if for any reason at all, you don’t achieve the results I’ve promised you today, you’re protected by my 30-day money back guarantee. Yup. I’m taking on the risk so you don’t have to. That’s how confident I am you’re going to love this.

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You’ll be able to AUTOMATICALLY upsell your clients using your upgraded Customer onboarding setup so you don’t have to try ‘SELL’ them on anything.  Simply send them the document and they’ll choose which services they want! 


Take Action In Your Online Business And…


SociEmpire Advanced Last Chance

Thank You Again For Putting
Your Trust In SociEmpire

And me and for taking the time to read this letter, I greatly appreciate it. But more so, I’m excited for you to start getting the results you desire.

Talk To You Soon,

Nikhil Neswankar

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